Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it cost anything to join the OGMP?

There is no fee associated to joining the OGMP. However, OGMP member companies commit staff time to meet the OGMP reporting requirements and to participate in the work of the OGMP Task Forces and to attend OGMP Steering Group meetings.      


  1. What do companies have to do as OGMP members?

Companies that join the OGMP must adhere to the requirements of the framework in their annual reporting. To achieve gold standard, companies must achieve Level 4 reporting for all assets and demonstrate efforts to reach Level 5 within three years for operated assets and within five years for non-operated assets. More information on reporting levels may be found in the framework.


  1. Is data reported by member companies kept confidential?

All asset data supplied by member companies to UNEP in connection with the OGMP will be kept confidential. UNEP will publish or disclose consolidated information provided that member companies have a reasonable opportunity to review and raise comments prior to the publication.